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Mary Beth


City of Bend – Fleet Program Technician



City of Bend – Fleet Manager



City of Central Point – Equipment Maintenance Technician



City of Boise – Administrative Services Manager



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City of Boise – Vehicle Maintenance Division Manager



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City of Milwaukee – Fleet Manager



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Grant Cory
Fleet Superintendent
City of Grants Pass

Thank you again for the training over the past two days. I made it back to work and can’t wait to dive into improving our Fleet shop. I had to get past several hurdles this morning but might spend my afternoon calculating my VEU’s. If you ever find yourself in Southern Oregon please stop by. I’ve been fortunate enough to be a part of successful change in Medford and now Grants Pass. Having a strong mechanical background I have come to realize that good Mechanics fix things that are broken. It could be a poor running sedan, leaking hydraulics, air loss on a 10 Yd. Dump or a broken shop. The same steps can be used to diagnosis the root cause and with the information I learned from you, I now have the tools to see how I can fix this historically underperforming Department.

Ken Crowley
Fleet Superintendent
Village of Oak Park, IL

Sam Lamerato, CPFP and John Hunt, CPFP, are PFA, they are both retired Fleet Managers and are both held in high regard in the APWA world. They have walked the walk. I found the class to be engaging, informative and full of real world examples that pertain to our field. There were 25 people in attendance from around the tri cities area. We talked with Springfield, Moline, and a host of others. The networking and conversations were definitely worth the trip. If they come around I am planning on attending again and recommend it for Fleet Managers of any experience.

Danny Brashear, CEM
Midwest Regional Sales Manager
EJ Ward – Telematics and Fuel Control

This day and half Seminar is packed full of not only ‘Best Fleet Management Practices’ but also invaluable real live personal Fleet experiences by two of the best Fleet Management Professionals I know. The information shared here not only helps the new and upcoming Fleet Professionals to learn how to plan and develop these skills but also refresh the knowledge and tools needed for the veteran Fleet Professionals as well. Making sure you have the proper tools and knowledge and how to use them gives you that leading edge in keeping your Fleet Management team on top of your game and ready for the next challenge. With technologies changing at such rapid pace, it’s vital to keep your Fleet Management team up to date and ready for the next level. So what better way to learn than from two of the best in the business today.

Sam and John, thank you both for not only sharing your knowledge and experiences but your deep passion for the “Fleet Management Industry!”

From a vendor’s perspective, this is a great way to continue building relationships, meet new prospects, showcase your solutions and share your involvement in continuing support for the ‘Fleet Management Industry’ to a group of Fleet professionals all in one place. This is a ‘Win/Win’ for all of us.