Public Fleet Advisors LLC was created to provide in-depth onsite fleet assessments for public fleet organizations.  Our mission is to review and evaluate your fleet operation to ensure that it runs efficiently, effectively, and competitively.  A well run public fleet operation will save taxpayers millions of dollars, and enhance the delivery of essential services.


Sam Lamerato, CPFP and John Hunt, CPFP have over 80 years of combined public fleet management experience, they have both received numerous awards and certificates for the cities they have worked for over the years, and are recognized as two of the top fleet managers in the country.

In addition to their esteemed careers, they have taught hundreds of fleet professionals about all aspects of fleet management and now want to deliver specialized fleet management services at your location.  Public Fleet Advisors (PFA) is here to help organizations develop and implement award winning fleet solutions to achieve their peak potential through expert on-site training.

Whether you need a complete on-site fleet assessment or simply help to complete your goals, PFA is here to work with organizations to develop and implement award winning fleet solutions to help you achieve your peak potential!